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29 march 2015 year

  • Number of decks: 1, 2;
  • Number of cards in pack: 52 and 2 jokers;
  • Number of Players: 2 — 4 (one deck), 5 — 10 (2 pack);
  • Card rankings: T, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, B, D, K;
  • Goal: to get rid of all their cards and not be the last player with cards.

Rules of the game

Deliverer of the game is determined by lot. The deck is shuffled thoroughly and each player is dealt 5 cards, the remaining deck is placed in the center of the table face down, with the top card of the deck is removed and placed side by side in the clear. This map starts bunch fold.

The first move in the game belongs to the player to the left of the deliverer. Fold should be according to the following algorithm:

  1. The player can put on top of the open card your card value to one higher or lower regardless of suit (the king is allowed to put an Ace, and Ace is allowed to put the king). The course is reserved for the player.
  2. If a player is unable to perform step 1, and exclusively in this case, he has the right to put on top of the open card your card exactly the same value. For example, you can lay down on the ace ace to jack — jack on the eight — the eight, etc. The course is reserved for the player.
  3. If a player is unable to perform steps 1 and 2, and exclusively in this case, he has the right to put any up card or an ace or a king. The course is reserved for the player.
  4. If a player is unable to perform steps 1, 2, or 3, and exclusively in this case, he has the right to put on the card face joker. The course is reserved for the player.
  5. On the joker can also lay down any card. The course is reserved for the player.
  6. If a player is unable to meet any of the above identified items, it takes one card from the top of the rest of the deck and if this card again is not suitable for discharge into the pile, the turn passes to the next player clockwise.

Thus, the game continues until all players but one does not get rid of their cards.

There is one exception to the rule. A player who dropped their last card, you can return to the game. For example, Player A throws his last card, the next player clockwise B must discard his card by the rules, that is, put the card on one value older or younger (any suit) or put an equivalent card, or put the ace, king or joker, then A player draws two cards from the remaining deck. If player B can not discard a card according to the rules and draws a card from the remaining deck, then Player A goes out. For this reason, it is impossible to go out game if the last card party — the joker. But at the same time, the player that dropped the last card, in any case, is eliminated if the deck is over.

After the end of the deck is sometimes a situation in which none of the players can not make a move. In this case, declared «Anti-Rank». At the announcement of «Anti-Grade» current player has the right to put on the table any of your card. The course of the player who declared «Anti-Rank» always moves to the next player. If the next player has something to put on the table according to the rules, the «Anti-rank» is canceled.

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